wxPython: XRC and wx.Dialogs

This is a post that arose from a question I submitted to the wxpython user group. I was just not able to call a custom dialog that I created in an XRC file. As a side note, what I find most amazing is, that it is so easy to get in touch with the main guys of the project. In fact, Robin Dunn, the guy who started wxpython, answered my question… I wasn’t surprised when it worked out of the box 😉

Basically, I didn’t understand how to call a wxDialog from an XRC file. I was falling over myself left, right and centre trying to figure it out and at the end I was just plain confused. My answer came in the form of a 2-Stage Creation Process (<– really do read that link) that allows a "load on self" approach. This approach opens up a whole load of new options and makes using XRC really easy. Especially the part about the subclass, I like. Anyhow, I go off in tangents. Ok code. This is how it was done in the end:

class ConfigDialog(wx.Dialog):
def __init__(self, parent):
self.res = xrc.XmlResource("config_dialog.xrc")
pre = wx.PreDialog()
self.res.LoadOnDialog(pre, parent, "ConfigDlg")

As you can see, there is hardly any magic involved. You create the PreDialog (or PreFrame etc.). Load the Dialog and any other flags you may want to add to it, if the need arises. Once that is done you can use PostCreate and everything's peachy. I like it.